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We are proud to provide a wide range of vision services to patients of all ages. See the list below, and call if you have any questions.

Comprehensive Eye Exams 

Vision Therapy 

Our eye exams are provided by Dr. Rebecca Lauffenburger. Usually, a complete exam takes about an hour and will include dilation of the pupils. Please plan accordingly. Our office is proud to also provide medical and emergency eye care, so we will request both your medical and vision insurance information when you arrive to have on file in case we need it later.

Eyeglass Sales

With over 800 frames to choose from, we're sure you can find something you'll love.  Our licensed opticians are available to help you select your new eyewear during all business hours, please call to schedule an appointment at a convient time for you!  


Vision therapy -- a type of specialized therapy for the eyes and brain -- is a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many visual problems such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency, focusing problems, and some reading disabilities. Many patients who have been told, "it's too late," or "you'll have to learn to live with it" have benefited from vision therapy. In the case of reading disabilities, vision therapy is specifically directed toward resolving visual problems which interfere with reading, learning and educational instruction. We do not claim that vision therapy is a direct treatment for any learning disabilities.


Contact Lens Sales

We sell all the brands that our doctor prescribes.  We can ship your lenses to you for free with the purchase of a full year's supply.  If that isn't in your budget right now, we can order by the box and you can pick them up the next day at our office. See our Contact Len Orders page for more information.

Vision Insurances Accepted 


Unlike other forms of exercise, the goal of Vision Therapy is NOT to strengthen eye muscles. Your eye muscles are already incredibly strong! Vision Therapy is not to be confused with any self-directed program of eye exercises which is or has been marketed to the public. Vision Therapy is supervised by optometric vision care professionals and many types of specialized medical equipment are used in Vision Therapy treatments, such as:

•Prescription Lenses (regulated medical devices)

•Therapeutic Lenses (regulated medical devices)

•Prisms (regulated medical devices)

•Optical Filters

•Eye Patches or Occluders

•Electronic Targets with Timing Mechanisms

•Computer Software

•Vestibular (balance) Equipment

The first step in any Vision Therapy program is a comprehensive vision examination. The next step is a sensorimotor examination, which includes 1 ½ hours of additional testing of the visual system, including binocular vision, accommodation, and eye movement efficiency. Following this thorough evaluation, Dr. Lauffenburger will advise the candidate as to whether Vision Therapy would be an appropriate treatment.


• A progressive program of vision procedures

• Performed under doctor supervision

• Individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient

• Generally conducted in-office, with weekly sessions of 30 minutes

• Supplemented with procedures done at home between office visits

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